We’ve lovingly crafted a theme that is both super easy to use and packed full of endless possibilities.

Mega Menu Builder

Design the custom mega menu you’ve dreamt of, create it with any of Impeka’s builders and publish it in your menu. The easiest way to have any content in your menu items.

Global Modals Builder

Place any content with the area items via your preferred page builder. Create global modals, triggered on load or via links. Exact the same functionality is also available per post types basis.

Custom Font Manager

An easy process to add your custom fonts, host the Google fonts you prefer in your installation or use your Typekit Fonts. The added fonts will be available in all Typography selectors.

Importer Ways

Do you just need specific pages of our demo content to create your site?


Create a page with only a few clicks

We severed the content of Impeka demos into smaller sections to give the option to our customers to use specific parts of these.


Safe Button

Greatives unique Safe Button is included in Impeka with more possibilities than ever. Place any content with the area items and combine it with the Menu element to design your off-canvas navigation.


Grid System

Design with no restrictions via the handcrafted options in the Rows/Columns of Impeka.

Equal Heights, Vertical Positions, Content Width, Full width and Screen options, several Background Effects, Parallax Columns and many more.

Buildyour shop

Build your own online shop in a few minutes and customize everything.


Blog Styles

We feel confident that any blogger’s need will be covered by Impeka’s possibilities.



Showcase your most unique and creative work for an impressive and usable portfolio.


The vast array of Header options makes this cutting edge responsive WordPress theme perfect for websites of all kinds.

Speed Optimized

Lightning speed for lightweight richness. Impeka follows the latest speed optimization methods to improve your site performance.


Google PageSpeed

This performance result is taken from Impeka Modern Corporate case study.



We have analysed the performance of Impeka Photographer with the GTMetrix tool.


Smart Internal Linking

Search engines will love your website. Besides, a solid internal linking structure SEO-wise can help further to index the pages on your site.

Code Quality

Effortless andDeveloper-Friendly.

Trouble-free and intuitive for beginners, and full of potential for more advanced users. Greatives code refactoring made Impeka more efficient & maintainable.

A hub website, accessible exclusively to Impeka users, to improve and support Impeka in many ways to serve you and your customers for many years to come.


A Supreme Piece of Artby Greatives

*Created with Impeka enhanced page builder, also available with Elementor page builder.